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Prevoius Artist Steffani and his Silver Songsters /UK/
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Steffani´s Siver Songsters [320/19+] - 2005
1 Wizard of Oz selection (a)
2 Wizard of Oz selection (b)
3 The Wheel of the Wagon is Broken
4 Songs with the Songsters.(a)
5 Songs with the Songsters (b)
6 Roll Along Prairie Moon
7 Parade of the Tin Soldiers
8 Oh For The Wings of a Dove (soloist, Aldwyn Humphreys)
9 A day with the Royal Navy (a)
10 A day with the Royal Navy (b)
11 Songs with the Songsters (a)
12 Songs with the Songsters (b)
13 Humoresque
14 Hear my Prayer (soloist, Aldwyn Humphreys)
15 Gullivers Travel section (a)
16 Gullivers Travel section (b)
17 Evening Bells (solo, Steffani & boys)
18 A Day with the Army (a)
19 A Day with the Army (b)
20 A Little Blue House (solo, Steffani & boys)
21 A Boys Best Friend is his Mother
22 By the Lazy Lagoon
23 Songs of Yesterday (a)
24 Songs of Yesterday (b)