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Prevoius Artist William Ferris /UK/
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A Chorister's Year [320/19+] - 2005
1 Matin Responsory (Palestrina)
2 How beautiful are the feet [Messiah] (Handel)
3 Ave Maria (J. S. Bach, Gounod)
4 Once in royal David's city (H. J. Gauntlett)
5 A New Year Carol (Britten)
6 When Jesus our Lord (Christus) (Mendelssohn)
7 Nunc dimittis (Burgon)
8 Stabat mater [Stabat mater] (Pergolesi)
9 Quando corpus [Stabat mater] (Pergolesi)
10 Ex ore innocentium (Ireland
11 Christ the Lord is risen again (Anthony Foster
12 Psalm 23 (Leighton)
13 Viri galilai (Plainsong antiphon for Ascensiontide)
14 Litany to the Holy Spirit (Peter Hurford)
15 As truly as God is our Father (William Mathias)
16 Panis angelicus (Franck)
17 Corpus Christi Carol (Britten)
18 Gaudeamus (Plainsong introit for All Saints)