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Prevoius Artist Wakefield Cathedral Choir /UK/
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For all the Saints (MC) [320/17+] - 1987
1 The Cathedral Bells
2 Jesu, the very thouhht
3 Magnificat in D
4 Nunc Dimitris in D
5 The Lamentation
6 Blessed City heavenly Salem
7 Allegro giocoso (Sonata in flat)
8 The Cathedral Bells
9 Magnificat in D
10 Nunc Dimitris in D
11 Let all the world
12 Magnificat in F (treble solo Nicholas Twigg)
13 Nunc Dimitris in F (bass solo Barrie Close)
14 For all the Saints
15 Orb and Sceptre (Coronation March
In Quires & Places No.18 (LP) [320/19+] - 1976
1 Magnificat in B flat
2 Verbum Caro Factum Est
3 How Far Is It To Bethlehem
4 O Leave Your Sheep
5 Nunc Dimittis in B Flat
6 Ecce Sacerdos Magnus
7 O Nata Lux
8 God is Ascended
9 Insanae Et Vanae Curae
10 For All The Saints