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Prevoius Artist John Damaskina's Children's Youthful Chorus /Russia/
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The Bright Star Raised, Christmas Carols [320/19+] - 1997
1 Your Nativity, Our Christ
2 With the lightful Feast
3 The Nativity of Christ
4 This night is holy
5 The King of Israel
6 The night is silent over Palestine
7 Toady Christ
8 Look here (Slovakian)
9 We bring joy to you (Slovakian)
10 The sky and the earth
11 The bright star raised
12 The Holy Virgin
13 The Angels appeared over the cave
14 Silence in Bethlehem (Slovakian)
15 Oh Bethlehem, Bethlehem
16 Where are you hurrying on (Slovakian)
17 Silent night, Holy night
18 Why is so bright this night (Slovakian)
19 The generous evening, the Kings evening (Ukranian)
20 New joy (Ukranian)
21 Good evening to you (Ukranian)
22 Sleep, Jesus, sleep (Ukranian)
23 Sounds of reed-pipe faded away
24 Today the most glorious city of Moscow stands in splendour
25 The hymn of Church