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Prevoius Artist Cecil, Jonni, Lauro /Germany, Spain/
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Buckle Up N Chuggeluck [320/21+] - 2003
1 Buckle up n chuggeluck (the a mix)
2 Buckle up n chuggeluck (dj tomekk remix)
3 Buckle up n chuggeluck (the ghost ryder mix)
4 I want your ping pong (cph remix)
5 59ler whats the time
6 Buckle Up 'n' Chuggeluck Video
Everybody Cha Cha [320/21+] - 2003
1 Everybody Cha Cha (The A Mix)
2 59ler Inflator
3 Everybody Cha Cha (Ghost Ryder Mix)
4 Everybody Cha Cha (Voltaxx' Oldschool Remix)
5 Everybody Cha Cha (Giulio Pierucci's Uptempo Club Mix)
6 Baby Be Nice to me (CPH RMX)