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Prevoius Artist Lan Shengwen /Taiwan/
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To be Frank with Me & Stars will Tell You a Story [320/21+] - 2007
1 To be Frank with Me
2 The Poem Craved on the Tree
3 Devoted to You
4 Puppy Love
5 You are Always in My Mind
6 Time will Tell You Everything
7 Embarrassing Age
8 Unreachable Love
9 On a Crowded Bus
10 The Bride in My Dream
11 Can I Tell You My Love
12 I am So Shy
13 The Farm of Happiness
14 Stars will Tell You a Story
15 The Big Cock
16 A Small Stone and an Iron Can
17 Playing in the Water
18 Mid-Autumn Festival
19 The Big Chimney
20 Everyone is a Hero
21 Little Bean Sprout
22 On the Weekend, White Sandy Bay