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Prevoius Artist Dream Street /USA/
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Dream Street [320/21+] - 2001
1 Feel The Rain
2 They Don't Understand
3 It Happens Everytime
4 Gotta Get That Girl
5 Sugar Rush
6 Jennifer Goodbye
7 I Say Yeah
8 Matter Of Time
9 Let's Get Funky Tonight
10 This Time
11 Hooked On You
12 Someone to Hold Me Tonight
13 Dream On
I Say Yeah - CDsingle - 2001
1 I Say Yeah
2 Medley: They Don't Understand-Gotta Get the Girl-This Time-Hooked on You
3 I Say Yeah (video)
It Happens Every Time - CD Single - 2001
1 It Happens Every Time
2 Medley: Sugar Rush-I Say Yeah-Feel the Rain-Let's Get Funky Tonight
3 It Happens Every Time (video)
The Biggest Fan - 2002
1 It Happens Every Time (Dance Mix)
2 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Play Feat. Chris Trousdale)
3 I Miss You
4 Run Away (Ruby Blue)
5 You're Taking Me Over
6 With All My Heart
7 I Say Yeah (New Version)
8 Fallen For You (Ruby Blue)
9 That's What Girls Do (Ruby Blue)
10 This Time (Acoustic Version)
11 Jennifer Goodbye (New Version)
With All My Heart - CDsingle - 2002
1 With All My Heart
2 Medley - You're Taking Me Over-Run Away-I Miss You-Fallen For You
3 The Biggest Fan Movie Trailer (Video)