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Prevoius Artist Brest Boys Choir (of Men and Boys) /Belarus/
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Brest Boys Choir (CD) [320/16+]
1 Christmas carol, Golden Tabernacle
2 Christmas carol, New Joy
3 G.Ryutov, To day
4 F. Mendelson-Bartoldi, Covered in Crist´s Love
5 F. Silcher, Alles, was Odem hat (Psalm 150)
6 D. Bortnyansky, Our Lord´s glory in Zion
7 R. Twardovsky, Enthusiastic Husband
8 M. Berezovsky, choral concert (Do not reject mein my old age.parts 3-4
9 P. Tchesnokov, extract of St.Joahn Zlatoust´s Liturgy
10 H.L. Hasler, Joking and Dancing
11 H. Percell, Song-thrush
12 S. Monyushko, Godfather and Godmother
13 S. Kazuro, Cracovienne
14 S. Taniev, Venice at night
15 Carol, folk music and eords, When I start playing my violin...
16 Russian folk song pr. by V.Sokolov, Go away stormy weather
17 Ukrainan folk song pr. by N.Leontovich, A hare game
18 Ukrainan folk song pr. by N.Leontovich, Over the river bank
19 Belarussian folk song pr. by N.Sirota, Count my years, cuecoo
20 Belarussian folk song pr. by A.Tourenkov, Yanka
21 Spiritual pr.by L.Fleming, Rade on King Jesus
22 Folk music and words (anonymous auther), By virtue of Muse
23 bonus track)