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Prevoius Artist Yuan He De /China/
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Shao Nian Meng Xian (Youth Dream) [320/21+] - 2009
1 Brilliant ocean's kid
2 Magic pen Ma Liang
3 Soaring little white sail
4 Grandpa's three gorges song
5 Wu Junmu
6 North and sourth pole is not far apart
7 Football boy
8 Grandma
9 Matches girl
10 Young hero
11 My prairie
12 Trevel with a young heart
13 Wish to become a tree
14 Youth dream
15 Brilliant ocean's kid(karaoke)
16 Magic pen Ma Liang(karaoke)
17 Wu Junmu(karaoke)
18 North and sourth pole is not far apart(karaoke)