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Prevoius Artist Sherborne Abbey Choir /UK/
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English Church Music [320/20+] - 2003
1 Te Deum in B flat (Stanford)
2 Coelos Ascendit Hodie (Stanford)
3 Listen Sweet Dove (Ives)
4 O Lord Give Thy Holy Spirit (Tallis)
5 Almighty And Everlasting God (Gibbons)
6 Lo Star-Led Chiefs (Crotch)
7 Sonata No.2 in C Minor - Organ (Mendelssohn)
8 Nunc Dimittis (Naylor)
9 The Turtle Dove (Vaugham-Williams)
10 Panis Angelicus (Franck)
11 The Lord's My Shepherd (arr Archer)
12 Jubilate (Kelly)
13 Blessed Be The God And Father (Wesley)
14 I Saw The Lord (Stainer)
I Saw The Lord [320/20+] - 2006
1 I saw the Lord (J.Stainer)
2 The Lord is my shepherd (C.V.Stanford)
3 My beloved Spake (P. Hadley)
4 Organ solo. March on a theme of Handel (A.Guilmant)
5 Locus iste (A.Bruckner)
6 Almighty and everlasting God (O.Gibbons)
7 Lord, let me know mine end (M Greene) treble solos - Elliot Tam, Jonathan Chatters
8 Organ Solo. Andante in F (H.Smart)
9 Panis Angelicus (C.Franck)
10 How lovely are thy dwellings (J.Brahms)
11 Set me as a seal (W.Walton) Treble solo - Alex Tam
12 Blessed be the God and Father (S.S.Wesley) Treble solo - Benjamin Craw
13 Organ solo. Postlude in D (H.Smart)