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Prevoius Artist Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Petersbourg (Mixed Choir) /France/
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Les Plus Beaux Choeurs d'Enfants [320/16+] - 2008
1 Wind is blowing outside (Quand le vent souffle)
2 Girl's song ( La Chanson des Jeunes Filles)
3 Following song (Version Techno)
4 Goldfish (Le Poisson d'Or)
5 O Pretty Angel (O Ange Charmant)
6 Anthem to the great city (from The Bronze Horseman)
7 Ah vy seny (Russian Folk Song)
8 Girl's Chorus From Eugene Onegine (Choeur des Jeunes Filles de l'Opera Eugene Oneguine)
9 Arrogance (L' Arrogance) (Romance)
10 Bagpipe (La Cornemuse)
11 Crucificsus
12 Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Gloria)
13 Funiculi Funicula
14 The Messiah, Oratorio, HWV 56 Alleluja (Le Messie, Oratorio, HWV 56 Alleluia)
15 Italian Polka (Polka Italienne)
16 Kalinka (Russian Folk Song)
17 Komarinskaya (Russian Folk Song)
18 Lilacs, Op.21, No 5
19 Nightingale (Le Rossignol)
20 Sky lark song is ringing clearer
21 There stood a birch-tree in the field
22 This is not a thunder (Russian Folk Easter Song - Chanson folklorique Russe de