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Prevoius Artist Jacob Abrahamse /Canada/
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I Will Go, Lord [320/18+] - 2009
1 I, the Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I am, Lord)
2 Bel piacere (Agrippina) [feat. Douglas Schalin]
3 Maria Wiegenlied (feat. Vincent Abrahamse)
4 Ach, es schmeckt doch gar zu gut (feat. Vincent Abrahamse)
5 Climbin' Up the Mountain (feat. Douglas Schalin)
6 Non lo diro col labbro (Silent Worship) [feat. Douglas Schalin]
7 Where'er You Walk (feat. Vincent Abrahamse)
8 Brother Will, Brother John (feat. Douglas Schalin)
9 Nel cor piu non mi sento (feat. Vincent Abrahamse)
10 Come and trip it (L'Allegro) [feat. Douglas Schalin]
11 Se l'Aura spira (feat. Vincent Abrahamse)
12 Difesa non ha (No Shield Can Defend) [feat. Douglas Schalin]
13 Be Still, for the Presence of the Lord [256/18+]