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Prevoius Artist Ben Troy /Ireland/
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Tommy and Ben Troy - Hills of Donegal [320/15+] - 2011
1 Hills of Donegal
2 Pretty Little Girl From Omagh
3 Going Out The Same Way You Came In
4 Galway Girl
5 Oklahoma
6 Say You Love Me
7 Scottish Anthol (instrumental)
8 Entrance March - Brian O'Kane (instrumental)
9 Ben
10 Winter Wonderland
Won't Let You Go (Featuring The Wee Amigos) [320/16+] (Do not share outside) - 2012
1 Oklahoma
2 Love Can Build A Bridge
3 Bless This Broken Road
4 I Ain't Gunna Do My Homework Anymore
5 Little Lion Man
6 Will The Circle
7 The Dance
8 I Won't Let Go
9 What Hurts The Most
10 A Good Old Country Song
11 The Wee Amigos, Galway Girl (Bonus Track)
12 The Wee Amigos, Say You Love Me (Bonus Track)
13 The Wee Amigos, Johnny Cash Medley (Bonus Track)
14 The Wee Amigos, Fairytale of New York (Bonus Track)
15 Tara Troy, Someone Like You (Bonus Track)