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Prevoius Artist Madeleine Choir School (Mixed Choir) /USA/
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Let The Bright Seraphim CD1 [320/21+] - 1997
1 Angelum Pacis
2 Let The Bright Seraphim
3 Mass In A- Kyrie
4 Mass In A- Gloria
5 Mass In A- Sanctus And Benedictus
6 Mass In A- Agnus Dei
7 Praise To The Lord
8 Bless, O Lord, Us Thy Servants
9 Wir Eilen Mit Schwachen
10 Cantique De Jean Racine
11 Wash Me Thoroughly
Let The Bright Seraphim CD2 [320/21+] - 1997
1 Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden
2 In Te Speravi, Domine
3 Adoramus Te, Christe
4 Christ, Mighty Savior
5 I Cannot Tell
6 Easter Carol
7 Tantum Ergo
8 Litany To The Holy Spirit
9 Eucaristica
10 Panis Angelicus
11 Festival Fanfare