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Prevoius Artist Banana Boat Kids (Mixed Group) /USA/
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Banana Boat To The Moon [320/21+] - 2006
1 There's No Moon In The Sky Tonight
2 Bein' A Banana
3 Gettin' A Whole Lotta Nothin' Done
4 Friend Of My Dreams Come True
5 I Don't Need Wings To Fly (Girl Group)
6 It's Safer In Cyberspace
7 Loose Screw - Grownups Are Crazy
8 Queen Bee
9 Wise Women
10 The Words And The Tune
11 A Girl Named Madelaine
12 Ragamuffin
13 Washing The Underwear
14 Money Won't Give You The Moon
15 Junk
16 A Thousand Shades Of Gray
17 Nabu Dahudi - The Camel Who Had No Hump
18 Weirdo - Thanks So Much For Nothing
19 I Don't Need Wings To Fly (Ballad)
20 Everything Changes, Nothing Does
21 I Have A Place To G