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Prevoius Artist New Kids on the Block /USA/
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Hangin' Tough [320/19+] - 1988
1 You Got It (the Right Stuff)
2 Please Don't Go Girl
3 I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
4 Cover Girl
5 I Need You
6 Hangin' Tough
7 I Remember When
8 What'cha Gonna Do (About It)
9 My Favorite Girl
10 Hold On
New Kids on the Block - 1986
1 Stop it girl
2 Didn't it (Blow your mind)
3 Popsicle
4 Angel
5 Be my girl
6 New Kids on the Block
7 Are you down
8 I wanna be loved by you
9 Don't give up on me
10 Treat me right