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Prevoius Artist Hiroya Oka /Japan/
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From Tsutomu to Yumi (LP) [320/16+]
1 Yumis house-move
2 Tsutomu Yamaguchi
3 Fight my third class
4 Draculas song
5 Lets go to Zoo
6 Amusing clock
7 How do you do
8 The prince with big stomach
9 Were children in Osaka
10 The song of the turtle having transformed to car
11 Why am I hungry
12 The king Hamehameha in the southern island
Let's Sing Christmas (LP) [320/18+]
1 Jingle Bells
2 Santa Craus comes here
3 Joy to the World
4 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
5 Troika
6 Silent Night
7 Santa Craus come to my town
8 O Tannenbaum
9 In the Snowy Town
10 Mama kissed Santa Craus
11 Pechka
12 Auld Lang Syne
Let's sing in sea and mountain (LP) [320/20+]
1 Dracula's Song
2 Song of Pirates
3 Yankee Doodle
4 Diary In Summer Vacation
5 Cooking for Camp
6 Medley (Quiet Shore, Let's Go To Forest, Oh Farm Is Green)
7 King Hamehameha In the Southern Island
8 Bear in Forest
9 Picnic
10 I'm a Son of the Sea
11 Song of Bright Summer
12 Medley (Oh Breneri, Banquet In Mountain, Remembrance of Summer)
Washing, Jabu Jabu (Vinyl 45) [320/18+]
1 Washing, jabujabu
2 Madame Denko