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Prevoius Artist Kamitakada Boys Choir /Japan/
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The Songs for Boy Scouts (LP) [320/18+]
1 Introduction Mt. Cub
2 We are Cub
3 We are always fine
4 The road of light
5 Good natured duck
6 Cub call
7 Click go the shears
8 Musician in the mountain
9 The song of Jangle Book
10 Flowers smell
11 The song for flying the flog
12 We are Cub Scouts
13 The ring of the moon
14 A little gentleman
15 Saras Ponda
16 Dojokko Funakko
17 How do you do
18 The railway goes anyway
19 The quiet lake
20 End of one day
21 We are boys detectives
22 Akadou Suzunosuke
23 Maborosi Tantei
24 The song of Atom
25 Tetsujin 28 Gou
26 Kennosuke Yaguruma
27 Fuefuki Douji
28 Arah no Sisya
29 The song of Atom (animation))
30 Kotengu Kotarou
31 Boukenn Dancyan
32 Go go Robot