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Prevoius Artist Jack Reddick /UK/
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Music from the Heart [320/21+] - 2010
1 I Will Give My Love An Apple
2 Pie Jesu (Requiem)
3 Londonderry Air - (Instrumental - Flute)
4 I Wonder As I Wander
5 Tell Me Lovely Shepherd
6 Hear Ye Israel (Elijah)
7 Close Every Door
8 Tambourin (Instrumental - Piccolo)
9 Miserere Mei
10 Spanish Love Song (Instrumental - Flute)
11 Caresse Sur L'Ocean (Les Choristes) (Vocal and Instrumental -Flute)
12 Siciliano (Concerto for Flute) (Instrumental - Flute)
13 Sonata for Alto Recorder in D Minor (Instrumental - Recorder)
14 Rondeau Bureau No.1 (Instrumental - Recorder)
15 Theme from Symphony No.2 (Andrew Wilson Piano)