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Prevoius Artist Oratory Preparatory School Choir /UK/
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Praise to the Holiest (MC) [320/21+] - 1990
1 Praise to the holiest in the height
2 Messe Basse Kyrie
3 Messe Basse Sanctus
4 Messe Basse Benedictus
5 Messe Basse Agnus Dei
6 Firmly I believe, and truly
7 Ave Verum
8 Panis Angelicus
9 Unveil, O Lord, and on us shine
10 Lead, kindly light
11 O Mysterium Ineffabile
12 Ave Verum
13 When I sink down in gloom or fear
14 Gaudent in Coelis
15 Maria, Mater Gratiae
16 Ave Maria
17 Quando Corpus from Stabat Mater
18 Amen from Stabat Mater
19 Day's herald bird at length is heard