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Prevoius Artist Ike Hawkersmith /USA/
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Menotti - Amahl and the Night Visitors [320/21+] - 2008
1 Amahl! Amahl! (Mother, Amahl)
2 Oh, Mother, You Should Go Out and See! (Amahl, Mother)
3 Stop Bothering Me! (Mother, Amahl)
4 Poor Amahl! Hunger Has Gone to Your Head (Mother)
5 Don't Cry, Mother Dear (Amahl, Mother)
6 From Far Away We Come (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar)
7 Amahl... Yes, Mother (Mother, Amahl)
8 Good Evening! Good Evening! (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Amahl, Mother)
9 Come In, Come In! (Mother, King Melchior, Amahl)
10 Are You a Real King (Amahl, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)
11 This Is My Box (King Kaspar)
12 Amahl, I Told You Not to Be a Nuisance! (Mother, Amadl)
13 Oh, These Beautiful Things (Mother, King Melchior)
14 Have You Seen a Child (King Melchior, Mother, King Balthazar,king Kaspar)
15 Shepherds! Shepherdesses! (Chorus, Mother, King Melchior)
16 Emily! Emily! (Chorus, Mother)
17 Olives and Quinces (Chorus, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother)
18 Shepherds' Dance
19 Thank You, Good Friends (King Balthazar, Chorus, Amahl, King Kaspar)
20 All That Gold! (Mother)
21 Thief! Thief! (Page, King Melchoir, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)
22 Don't You Dare! (Amahl)
23 Oh, Woman, You May Keep the Gold (King Melchior)
24 Oh, No, Wait... Take Back Your Gold! (Mother, Amahl)
25 I Walk, Mother! (Amahl, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother, Page)
26 Do You Really Want to Go (Mother, Amahl, King Kaspar, King Balthazar)
27 Shepherds, Arise! (Chorus, King Melchior, Amahl)
28 My Christmas