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Prevoius Artist Isaak Presley /USA/
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Sticks 'n Stones (Single) [320/21+] - 2012
1 Sticks 'n Stones
The Magic of Christmas [320/17+] (do not share outside treble.ru) - 2015
1 The North Pole
2 I Wonder (feat. BJ Smith)
3 The Elf Bounce (feat. BJ Smith)
4 My Name Is Santa Claus (feat. Luis Del Villar)
5 Shout It Out (feat. BJ Smith & Madison Grafft)
6 Diciembre (feat. Luis Del Villar)
7 The Magic of Christmas (feat. BJ Smith)
8 Happy Holidays
9 Mistletoe Tree (feat. Madison Grafft)
10 Cowboy Christmas
You're My Friend (Single) [256/19+] - 2011
1 You're My Friend