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Prevoius Artist Edward Furlong /USA/
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Hold on Tight [192/21+] - 1992
1 Right For Me
2 I Don't Know What I'd Do
3 Give your Heart To Me
4 When The Sun Goes Down
5 I'll Be Waiting
6 Hold On Tight (Special Album Version)
7 People Are Strange
8 It's Christmas Time
The Happy Prince and My Grandfather's Favorite Poems [192/15+] - 1993
1 Hello From Eddie And Introduction To 'The Happy Prince'
2 The Happy Prince
3 The Heart Of A Girl Is A Wonderful Thing
4 I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers
5 Love Me Little, Love Me Long
6 Will You Love Me When I'm Old-
7 See You Next Time
8 The Happy Prince Suite