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Prevoius Artist Barry Gordon /USA/
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The Best Of Young Barry Gordon [192]
1 10 Years ToGo
2 Bonus Track No1 (Barry Gordon Live @ age 7)
3 Bonus Track No2 (brief tv comedy role excerpt)
4 Go Back Little Tear (exclusive extended version)
5 How Do We Look To The Monkeys
6 I Can`t whistle
7 I Like Christmas
8 Katie
9 Pretty Little Girl Next Door
10 Rabbit Habit
11 Rock Around Mother Goose
12 Rock Little Chillun
13 Sad Little Girl
14 Santa Claus Looks Just Like Daddy
15 Seven
16 She's Got Soul
17 Susan
18 The Bluebird Song
19 The Milkman's Polka
20 The Thief
21 They
22 Yes We Have No Bananas
23 You Can't Lie To a Liar
24 You Can't See The Trees (written by Barry @ age 12)
25 Zoomah The Santa Claus From Mars