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Prevoius Artist Mark Donnelly /Canada/
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An Afternoon of Treble [320/19+] - 1995
1 Begone, dull care
2 A Tragic Story
3 Cuckoo!
4 Ee-oh!
5 A New Year Carol
6 I mun be married on Sunday
7 There was a man of Newington
8 Fishing song
9 The useful plough
10 Jazz-Man
11 There was a monkey
12 Old Abram Brown
13 Let Monarchs Fight (Dioclesian)
14 Oh, The Sweet Delights of Love (Dioclesian)
15 Windy Nights by C.V. Stanford
16 The Leprehaun by H. Hughes
17 An Irish Elegy by H. Hughes
18 The Bold Unbiddable Child by C.V Stanford
19 Dreamchild
20 Heidenroeslein
21 Erlkoenig
22 Der Leiermann
Bach to the Future [320/16+] - 1996
1 Art thou troubled Handel
2 Come ever smiling liberty Handel
3 Sound an Alarm Handel
4 I know that my redemer liveth Handel
5 Recitative and arioso BWV 204 Bach
6 Seufzer tranen Kummer BWV 21 Bach
7 Mein Glaubiges Herze BWV68 Bach
8 Den Tod BWV 4 Bach
9 Rule Britania Arne
10 Laudate Dominum Mozart
11 The Trout Schubert
12 Who is Sylvia Schubert
13 Weylas song Wolf
14 Sailors Farewell Wolf
15 Panis Angelicus Franck
16 Land of my fathers James
17 Dear land of home Sibelius
18 I sing of a Maiden Hadley
19 Silent night Gruber
20 Flower of Jesse Holman.
21 You are old Father William Holman
Haendel Hallelujah (Musical) - 1995
1 Sarabande, Harpsichord Suite in D minor
2 Andante, Harp Concerto, Op 4 No 6, Mvt. 1
3 Give me my freedom', Rinaldo, 'Lascia ch'io pianga' Andante, Flute Sonata #5 in F major, Mvt. 1
4 Evening stillness', Nine German Arias, 'Suesse Stille'
5 Overture, Music for the Royal Fireworks, Mvt. 1
6 Largo, Concerto Grosso, Op 6 No 4, Mvt. 2
7 See the conqu'ring hero comes', Judas Maccabaeus
8 For unto us a Child is born', Messiah
9 Golden sunlight', Alcina, 'Verdi prati'
10 Chaconne, Harpsichord Chaconne in G major
11 Sinfonia, Julius Caesar 'Set your arms to the battle', Julius Caesar, 'In tal modi'
12 I love you ,my treasure', JulBouree, Music for the Royal Fireworks, Mvt. 2
13 Stand round my brave boys', Song for Gentlemen Volunteers
14 O lovely peace', Judas Maccabaeus
15 Pastoral Symphony, Messiah
16 Glory to God', Messiah
17 I shall weep', Julius Caesar, 'Piangero' Andante, Concerto Grosso, Op 6 No 8, Mvt 2
18 The Foundling Concert
19 Hallelujah', Messiah
20 I know that my Redeemer liveth', Messiah