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Prevoius Artist Harry sever /UK/
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Live in Ridgefield (April 2006) [128/15+] - 2006
Blow blow thou winterwind
Die Forelle
Dir geof Love
Ich wandelte unter den Baeumen
O Waly Waly
Oh Mistress Mine
Salley Gardens
My Own Country [320/21+] - 2005
1 Orpheus with his lute
2 Edward grey
3 Weep you nno more
4 Willow, willow, willow
5 Over the mountains
6 Drink to me only
7 A poets hymn
8 Song of the cyclops
9 The stranger
10 Five eyes
11 Down by the salley gardens
12 Snow
13 O, my deir hert
14 King david
15 My own country
16 Rest, sweet nymphs
17 Tewkesbury road
18 Lavender pond
19 Tom bowling
20 The choirmasters burial
Schubert Die schoene Muellerin [320/21+] - 2006
1 Das wandern (wandering)
2 Wohin (whiter)
3 Halt (halt)
4 Danksagung an der bach (giving thanks to the brook)
5 Am feierabend (after work)
6 Der neugirige (he who longs to know)
7 Ungedult (impatience)
8 Morgengruss (morning greetings)
9 Des muellers blumen (the millers flowers)
10 Tranenregen (rain of tears)
11 Mein (mine)
12 Pause (pause)
13 Mit dem gruenen lautenband (with the green lute ribbon)
14 Der jager (the hunter)
15 Eifersucht und stolz (jealousy and pride)
16 Die liebe farbe (the beloved colour)
17 Die bose farbe (the hateful colour)
18 Trockne blumen (dry flowers)
19 Der mueller und der bach (the miller and the brook)
20 Des baches wiegenlied (the brooks lullaby)