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Prevoius Artist Roger Drabble /UK/
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Music, Ever Divine [320/21+] - 1998
1 Art thou troubled- (Handel)
2 When I am laid in hearth (H. Purcell)
3 Bist du bei mir (Bach)
4 All in the April evening (Roberton)
5 Love came down at Christmas (Archer)
6 Orpheus with his lute (Sullivan)
7 Pleasure it is (Ridout)
8 I wonder as I wander (Niles)
9 Sing a song of joy (Campian)
10 Litany to the Holy Spirit (Hurford)
11 Tell me, lovely shepherd (Boyce)
12 Linden Lea (V. Williams)
13 A New Year carol (Britten)
14 How beautiful are the feet (Handel)
15 Ex ore innocentium (Ireland)
16 Come, my way, my truth, my life (Brent-Smith)
17 A Hymn to the Virgin (Archer)
18 Pie Jesu Domine (Faure)
19 Hymn to the Holy Spirit (Archer)
20 The Call (Britten)
21 In the bleak mid-winter (Holst)
22 When God was minded to be born (Archer)
23 Lord Jesus Christ (Appleford)