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Prevoius Artist Wayne Newton (Featuring The Newton Brothers) /USA/
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The Real Thing (1954 - 1963) [320/16+] - 2004
1 Out Arizona Way
2 They Don't Know Nothin' at All
3 Rascal Boogie
4 If the Easter Bunny Knew the Fun He'd Have on Xmas
5 Rascal Boogie
6 I'm Sad, Blue and Lonesome
7 Baby, Baby, Baby
8 I'm Too Young to Fall in Love With You
9 Rock 'N' Roll Lullabye
10 Careless Love
11 I'm No Good Without You
12 Start at the Bottom
13 Bird Watcher's Ball
14 I Spy
15 The Real Thing
16 The Little White Cloud That Cried
17 Calorie Date
18 You're Much Too Lovely to Cry
19 The Wild Irish Rose
20 I Want to Mean Everything to You
21 Little Jukebox
22 I Was Born When You Kissed Me
23 I Still Love You
24 What Does She Do With Him
25 The Little White Cloud That Cried
26 Heart
27 So Long Lucy
28 Better Now Than Later
29 Shirl Girl
30 Someone's Ahead of You
31 Dream Baby
32 Danke Schoen