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Prevoius Artist Leif Garrett (b. 8 November 1961) /USA/
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Feel The Need (Voice changed) - 1978
1 I Was Made For Dancing
2 Groovin
6 Sheila
7 When I Think Of You
8 This Time
10 Feel The Need
Leif Garrett (LP) Voice changed [320/20+] - 1977
1 The Wanderer
2 California Girls
3 Put Your Head On My Sholde
4 I Wanna Share A Dream With You
5 Johnny B Goode
6 Runaround Sue
7 That's All
8 Bad To Me
9 Special Kind Of Girl
10 Surfin USA
Same goes for you (Vinyl LP) (Voicve changed) [320/19+] - 1979
1 Same Goes For You
2 Memorize Your Number
3 Kicks
4 Little Things You Do
5 When I Think Of You
6 Singin' In The Rain
7 Hungry For Your Love Tonight
8 Guilty
9 I Was Looking For Someone To Love
10 Give In
11 If I Were A Carpenter
12 Moonlight Dancin´
The Leif Garrett Collection (Voice changed)[224/18+]
1 Runaround Sue
2 The Wanderer
3 I Was Made For Dancin
4 Memorize Your Number
5 Feel The Need
6 When I Think Of You
7 You Had To Go And Change On Me
8 New York City Nights
9 Runaway Rita
10 Surfin USA
11 Put Your Head On My Shoulder
12 I Was Lookiing For Someone To Love
If Your Not Here By My Side