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Prevoius Artist William Sheldon /UK/
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Nyman: Man and Boy: Dada (Chamber opera) [320/19+] - 2004
1 You Need A Ticket To Breathe The Air
2 A Few Things I Collect Besides Bus Tickets
3 Any More Fares Please
4 It's Kind Of Interesting Rubbish
5 Scarper!
6 Forty Sheep And Twenty Reindeer
7 Coughs And Sneezes Spread Diseases
8 Except take a piss
9 Doodlebug
10 A Famous Cup Of British Tea
11 This Was A Good One Ponders End To Waterloo
12 Im Highly Adept At The Tango
13 Show Me A Bike
14 Chuk Persh Szing
15 Happy Birthday Dear Michael!
16 I Am Having Trouble With Hanky Panky
17 Latin A La Hammersmith Broadway
18 A Hundred Stops But They Have No Name
19 I Was Trying To Explain Something About Dada