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Prevoius Artist Qindao Childrens Choir /China/
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The Westerly`s Murmur [320/21+] - 1998
1 Chit-Chat Polka
2 The Trout
3 On Wings Of Song
4 Lullaby
5 Chorus Of Urchins
6 The Swan
7 Minuet
8 To Music
9 The Blue Danubue
10 The Nightingale
11 Echo
12 Let There Be Peace On Earth
13 Esti Dai
14 The Westerly's Murmur
15 The Rising Crescent
16 The Tune Of Bao leng
17 Sing The Praises Of The Sun
18 The Breeze Of Qingdao
19 The Running Stream
20 The Pastoral Song