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Prevoius Artist Bromley Boy Singers /UK/
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Benjamin Britten [320/20+] - 2000
1 Ave Maria Bach Gounod
2 Missa Brevis in D,op.63 Kyrie
3 Missa Brevis in D,op.63 Gloria.
4 Missa Brevis in D,op.63 Sanctus&Benedictus
5 Missa Brevis in D,op.63 Agnus Dei
6 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Begone, dull care
7 Friday Afternoons,op.7 A tragic story
8 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Cuckoo
9 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Ee-oh!
10 Friday Afternoons,op.7 A New Year Carol
11 Friday Afternoons,op.7 I mun be married on Sunday
12 Friday Afternoons,op7There was a man of Newington
13 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Fishing Song
14 Friday Afternoons,op.7 The useful plough
15 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Jazz-Man
16 Friday Afternoons,op.7 There was a monkey
17 Friday Afternoons,op.7 Old Abram Brown
18 The Salley Gardens arr
19 Messe Basse Kyrie.
20 Messe Basse Sanctus
21 Messe Basse Benedictus
22 Messe Basse Agnus Dei.
23 Nine of Anon Monday's child is fair of face
24 Nine of Anon Here lies a poor old woman
25 Nine of Anon This is the key of the kingdom
26 Nine of Anon The horse and mule
27 Nine of Anon There were three sisters fai
28 Nine of Anon I saw a peacock with a fiery tail
29 Nine of Anon There was a Presbyterian cat
30 Nine of Anon A man of words and not of deeds
31 Nine of Anon An author owned an asterisk
32 O for the Wings of a Dove
Sweet Silver Song [320/20+] - 2003
1 Anthem Benny Andersson,Tim Rice,Bjoern Ulvaeus
2 In the Bleak Midwinter Harold Darke
3 What do I want for Christmas Jean Hasse
4 Pie Jesu Gabriel Faure
5 For the Beauty of the Earth John Rutter
6 Look at the World John Rutter
7 Mary's Boy Child Jester Hairson
8 O Holy Night Adolphe Adam
9 Pie Jesu Andrew Lloyd Webber
10 Sans Day Carol English trad.,arr.Richard Apsley
11 Shenandoah arr.Jay Althouse
12 You'll Never Walk Alone Rodgers & Hammerstein