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Prevoius Artist Colin Butler /Canada/
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Canada's Young Singing Sensation (LP) [320/19+] - 1972
1 Let Me In
2 Easy Lovin'
3 Big Wheels
4 It's Not A Puppy Love
5 The Pepe Song
6 Walk Through This World
7 Hello Mom
8 Country Fair
9 The Wedding Song
10 Rose Of Romance
11 Break Your Mind
12 Never Ending Song Of Love
Just Bidin' My Time (LP) [320/20+] - 1973
1 Burning Bridges
2 Let's Make a Fair Trade
3 My Mama's Tears
4 Soon I'll BeTwenty
5 I Can Count on You
6 It's Going to Be a Beautiful Day
7 Beyond the Reef
8 Little Arrows
9 Paint a Picture
10 Just Bidin' My Time
11 Love Happens All the Time
12 Stop, Give the World Another Try