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Prevoius Artist Jesus College Chapel Choir, Cambridge /UK/
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Aeternae Laudis Lilium (LP) [320/17+] - 1985
1 Libera nos salva nos (Sheppard)
2 Aeternae laudis lilium (Fayrfax)
3 Dum transisset Sabbatum (Taverner)
4 Fantasy - organ (Tallis)
5 Spiritus sanctus procedens a throno (Sheppard)
6 Magnificat (Byrd)
7 Nunc Dimittis (Byrd)
8 A Fancy for two to play (Tomkins)
9 Almighty God the fountain of all wisdom (Tomkins)
In Quires & Places... Series II No. XV (Cassette) [320/18+] - 1989
1 The Wilderness
2 The Lord is my shepherd
3 Ecce quam bonum
4 Call to remembrance
5 Te Deum in G
6 Magnificat in G
7 Nunc Dimittis in G
8 Lord let me know mine end
9 And I saw a new heaven
10 The ways of Zion do mourn