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Prevoius Artist Jesus College Choristers, Cambridge /UK/
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Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me [320/21+] - 2006
1 A Song Of Peace (C. V. Stanford)
2 Ubi Caritas (S. Lole)
3 Kyrie (G. Faure) solo- Elliot Mepham.
4 Sanctus (G. Faure)
5 Benedictus (G. Faure) solo - Oliver Jones
6 Agnus Dei (G. Faure)
7 The Father's Love (S. Lole)
8 Andante in G (C. MacPherson)
9 Balulalow (P. Warlock) solo - Elliot Mepham
10 What Songs Are These (R Lloyd)
11 Who Can Express The Noble Acts Of The Lord (S.S. Wesley)
12 I Waited For The Lord (F. Mendelssohn) Solos Oliver Jones and James Bailey
13 Ex Ore Innocentium (J. Ireland) solo - Nicholas Heller
14 Chorale Prelude on Eventide (C.H.H. Parry)
15 Magnificat in C (C. Robinson)
16 Nunc Dimittis in C (C. Robonson)
17 Ave Verum (E. Elgar) solo - Elliot Mepham
18 Litany To The Holy Spirit (P. Hurford) solo - James Bailey
19 Praise And Glory (R. Boyle)