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Where the white moon daisies wave [320/20+] - 2001
1 Tatters (Lane)
2 The child musician (Behrend)
3 The little tin soldier (Molloy)
4 Punchinello (Molloy)
5 Shall i be an angel, daddy (Collins)
6 His little teddy bear (Levey)
7 The last rose of summer (tradit.)
8 The little match girl (Molloy)
9 Anchored (Watson)
10 Don't go down in the mine (Geddes)
11 The little crossing sweeper (Carnall)
12 The little hero (Adams)
13 Thursday (Molloy)
14 Ora pro nobis (Piccolomini)
15 The village Blacksmith (Weiss)
16 Alone on the raft (Rodney)
17 A perfect day (Jacobs-Bond)
18 Paradise Square (bonus) [160/16+]