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Prevoius Artist Zheng Zhijian /Singapore/
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Joyful Train of Children Songs (MC) [320/21+] - 1992
1 Little Monk
2 My Little Donkey
3 Plum Blossoms In The Snow
4 Clay Doll
5 Pick Yourself up from Were You've Fallen
6 As Long as I Grow up
7 A Mothers Love is Universal
8 Jasmine Flower
9 Song of Youth
10 Come, My Kitten!
11 Good Morning, Teacher!
12 Strange Dream
13 Rainbow Sister
14 Old Hen
15 Great Mother
16 Three hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty
17 Words from the West Wind
18 Greetings
19 Small White Boat
20 Smile When you Meet Me
Shiwu de Yueliang (The Full Moon) [320/19+] - 1992
1 The Full Moon
2 The Loessial Hill
3 Man Afraid Of Nothing
4 Mrs Ying Tai
5 The Bloodred Bearing
6 Go Once With Pleasure
7 Pearl Of The Orient
8 Laugh Once You Seeing Me
9 A Freaky Dream
10 The Hong Tsai Girl
11 The Loessial Hill (Karaoke)
12 The Full Moon (Karaoke)
13 Man Afraid Of Nothing (Karaoke)
14 The Hong Tsai Girl (Karaoke)